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Vigo di Fassa - Rosengarten

Vigo is a beautiful resort that has a lot to offer throughout the year. It is a ski center in the Fassa Valley/Dolomiti Super Ski Area in winter, while in summer it is an ideal starting place for trekking and sightseeing in the Catinaccio Rosengarten as well as other mountains.
Located in a peaceful position on a sunny slope, Vigo has a cable car that in a few minutes can take you to Ciampedie where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views on the Dolomiti.

Tourist services of Vigo are expecially dedicated to families, with playground and minigolf, and baby park in winter. There is a Sports Center with football field, tennis courts and climbing wall, in the beginning of the village there is a cycling way that goes trought the entire valley.
Historically, Vigo was founded in the early 1100 with the local church of San Giovanni being the oldest building in the area. The first tourists came in the end of the 19th century, attracted by the beauty of the mountains surrounding the place while climbers raced to be the first to get on the top of the most challenging ones, like the Vajolet Towers.